RE: Excellent video covering the G class mockup

Thanks for the pointer Mal!

"Taitset" is an excellent example of "who's gonna fill their shoes" - the oldies among "the hobby" (like most of us on here?). His videos are well done with a tight and informative commentary.

I am sometimes saddened by the apparent reluctance of some of our peers at the elder end of "the hobby" to reach out to the emerging generations - and it happens the other way too. People like "Taitset" deserve the full support of the "silly old farts".

Paul in Melbourne - who's been following "the tramways" for close to 70 years.

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Well done to "Taitset" for the video at:

The video was made on the day I visited - you might even recognise a few familiar faces.

Mal Rowe - admiring "Taitset"'s work