Re: Western Sydney Airport and metro progress

Trains won't be the only method of transport to/from WSI. Local bus services will pass through (depending on how the Feds/state sort out funding for them), taxi, private cars.
As WSI to KSA or Sydney CBD exceeds to 40 kms, it is regarded as a "long distance", so open slather for any bus owner/operator wanting to run express shuttle services.
If the current dispensation at KSA allowing short distance shuttle buses is carried over to WSI, we could expect a large number of these start ups as well.

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> Talking about connections to Sydney Airport - still many people don't

> get it. There won't be much demand from the east, most of it will be

> from the west, NW and SW. Both airports will provide the range of

> local, national and international flights. Travellers in the east will

> have everything they need from Sydney Airport and travellers from the

> west will, progressively, have everything they need from Western

> Sydney Airport. Western Sydney Airport will also serve travellers from

> the Blue Mountains and Central West, from the Southern Highlands and

> from the Illawarra (from where a fast rail connection is proposed on

> top of the exiting motorways).


That is assuming airlines want to run TWO of very service, international
and domestic. In practice people will go with the cheapest airfare and
with Sydney's status as a gateway, there will be a lot of traffic
between the two airports with tourists transferring from international
to domestic and the other way. I think you will find airlines running
their own (charter) coaches between the two airports.

The real money is business travel and that probably primarily will be
Sydney east still. So that will always have the better timetable. And
the bottom has just fallen out of the air freight market anyway - fuel
costs are killing them.

The feds will have to keep blocking east coast HSR, as it would
financially kill the 2nd Sydney airport.