Re: Re: G class model
  Matthew Geier

On 20/11/23 16:58, TP wrote:
> " If a traffic light was installed to control that traffic then the

> situatiojn of a motorist being confronted by two trams heading south on

> parallel tracks coule be avoided. "


> Surely the relevant road rule in this case is "might is right"?


Nope a motorist would drive straight head on into the right hand tram
and then claim loudly that the tram 'reversed into me' as the cause of
the accident.

One of the outer Berlin tram routes , Woltersdorf i think - has long
single line sections where the tram is running against the road traffic
as the track is on the kerb side of the road. I remember riding it and
thinking if they tried that in Australia, cars would keep having head on
collisions with the trams.