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  Mal Rowe

On 20/11/2023 00:22, Geoffrey D Dean wrote:
> A few years ago they lengthened most termini to accommodate two Z/Z3 trams. Glen Iris can just take two Combinos with about an inch to spare at the points blade.


The immediate issue when the G class start rolling out in 2025 will be the stub terminus for Footscray trams in Pascoe Vale Rd.

It has a capacity of two Z3s or one G - it may at a squeeze take a Z and a G - pic attached.

That capacity is frequently used when trams on routes 57 and 82 are running in to Essendon Depot or running out.

Once the new Maidstone Depot is operational that won't happen often, as 57 and 82 will run from that depot.

However, the shunt is occasionally used if either route 57 or 59 is blocked by some event to allow bypass via the other route.

It would be difficult to extend the shunt, but one solution would be to reinstate the crossover beside the shunt in Pascoe Vale Rd. See:

That section of Pascoe Vale Rd has very little motor traffic as the only access is via a U-turn from Mt Alexander Rd.  That slip lane is behind the two red T lights in the attached picture.

If a traffic light was installed to control that traffic then the situatiojn of a motorist being confronted by two trams heading south on parallel tracks coule be avoided.

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