Bustitution on route 19
  Mal Rowe

Buses will replace trams from first tram next Tuesday (21st of November) to last tram Wednesday 29th on route 19 between QV market and Brunswick Rd.

This is to enable the construction of a platform stop adjacent to the Parkville station at Grattan St.

See: https://bigbuild.vic.gov.au/news/metro-tunnel-project/route-19-tram-disruptions-in-November

The attached pic shows the current state of the site after preliminary works.  It is a busy stop with Melbourne Uni to the east and three hospitals to the west and will be very busy when the new station opens.

It is notable that the buses are being kept out of Elizabeth St in the CBD and Sydney Rd - where they would be a congesting factor.

Mal Rowe who will be interested to see what trams run the 19 shuttle between Flinders St and QV market.

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