Fw: Sat.11-Mon.13.11.23 daily digest, austerity editions
  Roderick Smith

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Sat.11.11.23 Metro Twitter
If you’re at one of our stations at 11.00 today, join us in a minute of silence for RemembranceDay.  It’s a time to remember the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who serve or served to defend Australia and its allies.
19.39 Flemington line: Delays through Southern Cross (police) request.  If your train is in between stations, remain on the train.
- 20.00 Craigieburn / Sunbury / Racecourse / Upfield / Werribee lines: Major delays.
- 20.47 clearing.
- 20.56 Literally can’t get from Altona to Footscray. And apparently no other alternatives the worker goes to me Uber I have a child and a pram do you realise there’s no Uber car seats and if there was that’s $100.  Love how that’s the solution to a teen mum and a baby freezing!
- 20.59 We've just received clearance and train services are resuming, with delays. A train has just departed Laverton and should be at Altona shortly.
- 21.00 Clearing? The Sunbury line at Flinders Street is STILL sitting here
- 21.03 Be patient they have to wait for the signal to depart
- 21.05 I've been waiting nearly 1.5 hr to get home after a long day at work. Naturally I’m tired and frustrated…
- 21.06 There are a lot of trains through the inner-city area that need to be cleared after the earlier incident. Trains have resumed but there will be major delays as we clear.
- 21.09 Maybe you should start compensating people for these continuous delays - this is probably the 3rd just over a week. Also your workers need to provided with more info, a lot don’t know anything.
- 21.10 True disruptions are kind of annoying
- 21.12 Even worse, people were force opening doors to get onto the tracks and work to Southern Cross which caused even more hold up.
- 21.20 Ah dear god idiots.
[The note attached to Fri.10 belonged to this thread, not that one.  There had been a stabbing aboard a race special.  The train was held between North Melbourne and SC while police cleared pfm 13]
20.21 Belgrave/Lilydale/Glen Waverley/Mernda/Hurstbridge lines: Trains may [ie will] operate direct to/from Flinders St (not via the City Loop) until further notice due to a police request near Southern Cross.
- 20.53 Trains are now resuming via the City Loop after an earlier trespasser issue in the Southern Cross area.  Some may still run direct each way.
Buses replace trains Sydenham Watergardens - Sunbury from 1.00 until the last train of Sun 12 Nov (works).

Public transport for 2023 TAB Champions Stakes Day: Saturday 11 November 2023
All services will operate to a normal Saturday timetable, with additional Flemington Racecourse trains.
Trains operate as shuttles Newport - Williamstown from 10.00 to 19.00 to support extra trains for Flemington Racecourse.
Before you travel: Plan your journey using Journey Planner and check Disruptions for service changes that may affect your journey.
Remember to top up your myki and have it ready to use before travelling.
Download the Flemington precinct map 455 kB or 30 kB docx.
Gates open: 10.30; First Race: 12.40; Feature Race: 17.10; Last Race: 17.50.
From Flinders St, trains will depart from pfm 8/9, stopping at Melbourne Southern Cross pfm 14, North Melbourne pfm 6, then express. 10.12 to 13.23, every 6-7 min; 13.35 to 16.52, every 10 min;
From Southern Cross, trains will depart from pfm 8 stopping, stopping at North Melbourne pfm 2, then express. From 10.25 to 13.33, every 10 minutes.
From Flemington Racecourse, trains will depart from pfm 1 & 2, express to North Melbourne pfm 5, Southern Cross pfm 13 and Flinders St pfm 8/9. 13.27 to 17.15, every 10 minu; 5.23 to 19.36, every 4-5 min; 19.46 to 20.59, every 10 min.
Passengers from the Sunbury, Werribee and Williamstown lines can catch a one-way shuttle bus from Leonard Cres (outside Flemington Racecourse station) express to Footscray station, 15.00-20.00, every 5 min.
Additional trams will operate as route 57a from stop 1 Elizabeth St at Flinders St, serving all stops to to 19 Royal Children’s Hospital, then express to Epsom Rd (Melbourne Showgrounds): 10.30 to 13.30 and 16.00 to 20.00.
Bus route 404 (Footscray - Moonee Ponds via Newmarket) travels close to Flemington Racecourse.




Sun.12.11.23 Metro Twitter
Buses replace trains Sydenham Watergardens - Sunbury until the last train (works).
Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston line: Buses replace trains City - Caulfield from 20.50 until the last train (maintenance works). From the city, take a Lilydale/Belgrave/Glen Waverley train to Burnley for express buses.
19.42 Buses replace trains Eltham - Hurstbridge (a person hit by a train).  Buses ordered, but will take over 60 minutes to arrive.  Consider alternative transport.
- 20.40 Buses in operation, adding travel time.
- 22.38 Trains resuming.  First trains: 21.42 ex Flinders St; 22.57 ex Hurstbridge



Mon.13.11.23 Metro Twitter
17.54 Lilydale/Belgrave/Alamein lines: Major delays (an 'operational incident' in the Camberwell area).
- 18.15 clearing.
- 18.17 Oh NO, I just got on Belgrave train … should have taken bus 907 instead.
- Whenever Metro says 'some' it is euphemism for 'all'.  I was on one.  As ever, the network controller was incomprehensible.  It always comes over as speaking from inside a beehive.  The same speakers work when a driver gives an announcement.
18.29 Frankston line: Major delays (police in the McKinnon area).  trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations. Trains may remain stationary for extended periods at or in between stations.
- 18.58 clearing.
- Announcements in trains should be louder, although there were frequent announcement and not too many people, we struggled to understand what the announcement was about. Consider people with hearing impairments, those digital screen should also be used for announcements
- should you wish to leave a formal feedback, you can do so over the phone on 1800 800 007 or online https://bit.ly/2b7jike; and a member from our passenger experience team will be in touch. 
Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston line: Buses replace trains City - Caulfield from 20.50 until the last train (maintenance works). From the city, take a Lilydale/Belgrave/Glen Waverley train to Burnley for express buses.
Lilydale/Belgrave/Alamein/Glen Waverley lines: All trains direct to/from Flinders St from 21.00 until the last train (works). From loop stations, take a train to Flinders St.