Re: L2/L3 down in Sydney
  Matthew Geier

Services resumed at 16:00 after 2239+2240 were split and towed away using 2259+2260.

The overhead didn't actually come down. It appears a bridle wire came off as a outbound tram 39+40 turned off George Street. Looks like 39 made it past, but 40's pantograph hit the dropper arms and flipped. It then hit the cross arm of the next pole and bent the cross arm and snapped the parafil contact wire support. It appears to me that this probably caused the contact wire to move so far to the side that 39's pantograph over reached and got the horns stuck ABOVE the contact wire, so it also 'flipped'.
As part of the recovery they amputated 40's pantograph just above the knuckle as there was no way they could flip the thing back to stow it. They managed to fold 39s pantograph up and tied it down. Both are probably for the scrap bin.

The fallen wire was coiled up near one of the poles and near where pedestrians could walk. It didn't look broken, it looks like it unscrewed itself. There must have been some residual twist in the parafil and after the lock nut came lose, it slowly unscrewed itself.

I took about 50 photos and some video of various tasks the crew did to recover the mess. Including observing the Citadis 305 coupling procedure.

On 14/11/23 12:28, TP wrote:
> L2/L3 services north of Central have stopped this morning due to wires down at Haymarket. Also flipped pantos on two trams.


> Tony P

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