Re: Re: Launch of VR 41 at Ballarat,407 BTH motors
  Mick Duncan

Gday  All

I was wrong,Tonys W2 407 still has Spur gears,its prob the lsst tram
on earth that still has them and still running

If you want to hear spur geared 265 motors, Thomsons, then come to BTM
when 407 is running

Cheers,    Mick

On 11/11/2023 1:39 am, Mick Duncan wrote:
> Gday  Bob,All


> Sadly no.AFAIK,all the BTH motors got Double Helical gears but 407 at BTM

> has 265D with DH gears as well as 249 at Loftus but the famous BTH howl,

> a mumble at low speed, is still just just hearable,better than nothing


> BTH spur geared W2s accelerating is one of the best traction sounds EVER

> Gee I miss driving them and 433 at Camberwell was the best of the lot


> IMHO the best transport sounds are,not in any order,the 38 loco,BTH motors

> and Merlin engines


> Cheers,    Mick, sobbing about things lost,esp Thomsons