Re: Light rail builder makes pitch to design, finance light rail line on Parramatta Rd

Present George St operation provides for 2 minute headways on CSELR, which
is the maximum that the stub termini can handle. There's simply no
operational space to accommodate another route.

Now, if they had loop termini like the original George St line had.....

Tony P

On Wednesday, 8 November 2023 at 11:23:06 UTC+11 David McLoughlin wrote:

> This seems a fabulous proposal which I hope gets taken up in some way.

> Parramatta Rd is a shame of Sydney.


> > it's unlikely to be able to proceed north of Central as all the CBD

> north-south routes are now fully accounted for.


> There is plenty of space in the George St traffic-light cycles to add

> another route. There are substantial gaps between trams, and adding

> another route would be of substantial benefit to passengers.


> Pre-1958, George St had many more tram movements than now, and a lot more

> motor traffic too.