Re: Re: Launch of VR 41 at Ballarat
  Mal Rowe

On 07/11/2023 09:08, Bob Pearce wrote:
> Mal, very timely article for TDU. I am preparing an article about the Brill

> 77E trucks PETS imported from Japan, so this will be a handy inclusion.


> Are you able to tell if these were 4 motor trucks - the picture seems to

> indicate that?

Yes the 77E was designed as a 4 motor truck, but of course it would work with only 2 motors - just with less power and grip.

It has inside hung motors, while the 76E had outside hung motors - and thus a longer wheelbase.

The 77E1 was designed to have smaller wheels and thus the springing was a bit different.

I have attached a sheet showing the 77E dimensions for various gauges.

Mal Rowe

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