RE: Re: Launch of VR 41 at Ballarat
  Bob Pearce

Hi all,

Mal, very timely article for TDU. I am preparing an article about the Brill
77E trucks PETS imported from Japan, so this will be a handy inclusion.

Are you able to tell if these were 4 motor trucks - the picture seems to
indicate that?

Bob in Perth

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> I love working on their trams,esp 77E trucks


> Cheers, Mick, BTM Tram Mechanic

An impressive truck in the eyes of the VR ,P&MTT, Adelaide and Christchurch,
but failed to get long term 'traction' in Australia & NZ.

It was a success to the extent of long term copying in Japan - mostly in a two
motor form.

Mal Rowe - waiting for the forthcoming Bellcord article on Melbourne's W class

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