Re: Launch of VR 41 at Ballarat
  Mal Rowe

On 29/10/2023 07:57, Mal Rowe wrote:
> The Ballarat Tramway Museum and Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association launched VR41 at Ballarat yesterday.


On that occasion, 41 was complemented by two other MTPA trams out for a run - L 103 and W2 407.

They make an interesting series - with the VR car clearly influencing the design of the L and the L experience being a major influence on the W design.

Here are my snaps of 103 following 41 and 407 pretending to be in Abbey Rd.

You can see L 103, W2 407, W4 671, (much modified SW6 939) and newly re-commissioned W7 1029 running at Ballarat on Saturday 8th of November.


Mal Rowe who will be at another celebration that day and encourages other TDU members to share their pics

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103-41-Ballarat 28Oct2023  |  1673W x 1050H  | 614.63 KB |  Photo details
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407 Ballarat 28Oct2023  |  1575W x 1050H  | 577.54 KB |  Photo details