Pushing your cause in the GTCOTS
  Mal Rowe

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day in the GTCOTS - for shopping or promoting your cause.

As soon as I got off my tram outside the former Post Office in Elizabeth St  I was approached by a man from a group holding a small megaphone and even smaller leaflets.  He asked if I knew that God loved me.  He seemed pleased with my reply in the affirmative.

Around the corner in the Bourke St mall a small group of mostly straight white men with a big PA system on a trolley advised me of the dangers of  the modern world including vaccines, world government and the communists in the Labor party.  I grabbed a snap as they marched East towards Russell St.

I caught an 86 up Bourke St and passed another small group expressing their dismay about the war between Jews and Arabs ... again ... outside the Victorian parliament.

Mal Rowe in a city of lively debate

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