RE: Re: Light rail ready to roll at Royal Randwick
  Geoff Olsen

Well of course one must remember that only poor people use public transport old boy. Not poor before they enter the course but after?

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On 3/11/23 13:28, TP wrote:
> The platform with the entrance gates shown in the photo was still

> there when the light rail project began, together with the space to

> reinstate a loop through it to and from Anzac Pde. It would have had

> the ability to throughput far more people than the stub shunt that was

> built on the other side of Alison Road,

Didn't the original concept for the LR line down Allison Rd have the
stop on the racecourse side, but the racecourse objected to the LR
blocking the front of their main entrance (they wanted to build a motel
or something that would have required a grand road entrance or something
to that effect.

The racecourse them selves objected to a more sensible design for the LR
stop. They would have had 'kittens' over the idea of a loop adjacent to
their site!.