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  Mick Duncan

Gday  Andrew

Thanks for the pics

Cheers,    Mick

On 30/10/2023 3:42 pm, Andrew Cook wrote:
> Here is a photographic tribute to those who saved VR 41 from being broken up and those who did the work on its restoration.


> 01—VR 41 as landed at Haddon after its trip from Elwood by road. The tram was given to Haddon for nothing by a builder who wanted it removed from a property he was about to start new work on, near the former Elwood tram depot. 1978.

> 02—The sun didn't set on VR 41 after all. 41 on track at Haddon, where No. 2 shed was to be built. 1978.


> Fast forward many years and VR 41 was sent to Bendigo Tramways for complete restoration.


> 03_The late George Stirling works on 41's floor slats at Bendigo. 2005.

> 04_The late Denis Rodda and Luke Jenkins placing a new apron on VR 41. 2005.

> 05_The late George Stirling working on 41's cab windows. 2005.

> 06_Woody the painter at work on No. 41. Woody, George and Denis all formerly worked at the North Bendigo railway workshops. 2005.

> 07_Staff from the Bendigo firm Signarama putting the ornate line work on VR 41. 2005.

> 08_VR 41 at the Bendigo tram depot after restoration had been completed. 2005.


> Cheers,

> Andrew Cook (who was one of those that saved VR 41).


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