Re: Putting the E in 'lizabeth
  Mal Rowe

On 27/09/2023 15:28, Jeremy Wainwright wrote:
> And indicating also that they don't go all the way to West Maribyrnong, but turn back on the long 'crossover' in Union Road? Do cars still line up there for the end of the races?

Here's today's pic showing an E using the shunt in Epsom Rd, rather than the 'long shunt' siding in Union Rd.

I was told that the Union Rd siding was used during the week.

Eagle eyed readers will notice some colouful QR codes on 6051.

They are part of the "NaviLens' experiment being trialled on route 96.

They make audible descriptions available to people with limited vision.


Mal Rowe - who had an express ride to the Showgrounds with only two other passengers - one of whom wanted to get off earlier

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