Re: Pseudo tram arrives in Perth
  Matthew Geier

On 26/9/23 09:34, Mark Skinner wrote:
> As far as the guidance system goes, failure is a possibility with the

> existing mechanical linkages. I am pretty certain that the system is

> designed to contain buses over a number of failure modes, not just

> steering linkages failing. Eg, tyre burst.

I remember reading years ago that the buses allocated to the O-Bhan had
special wheels with 'run flat' tyres and that there was a process for
dealing with one broken guide arm, where the driver kept pressure on the
steering wheel to force the other guide wheel to steer the bus.

They are not 'standard' buses. A Sydney bus couldn't drive down to
Adelaide and then use the O-Bahn track.

With rear wheels steered by actuators, the failure modes becomes some
what more complex.