Re: Changes to tram routes
  Andrew Cook

Found in a gutter in Docklands many years ago—a battered City Circle auxiliary board with anti-clockwise on it. The use of an em (or en) dash instead of a hyphen is a glaring typographical error, but—that's the trouble of being a former proof reader, lol. This could be worth a fortune (or not) after the cuts of 29 October, 2023?

Andrew Cook (who reckons this sign was blown off the tram it was on, by one of Melbourne's windy blasts).

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From Hugh Waldron:

The following changes to tram routes expected on 29th October and for when the metro opens.

From 29 October.

Route 35 City Circle anti clock wise eliminated. Route 35 City Circle clockwise will continue but when special events occur drivers from the City Circle will be used on other services.

Regards Hugh

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