Re: Fwd: Side-on at Victoria Parade
  Mal Rowe

On 20/09/2023 21:10, Mal Rowe wrote:

> Brian Weedon has picked up the following rather nasty event report.



I took a look yesterday afternoon.

First pic looks north across Victoria Pde. from Nicholson St

There are two sets of facing points for right and left turns into Victoria Pde.  The X2 on the paving is presumably supposed to alert the driver to that.

Melbourne driving rules require drivers to stop before facing points and check that they are correctly set.

A possible scenario is that did not happen and the north bound tram (6058)swung across and collided with the south bound tram (6062).

Second pic shows the grooves in the road made by the southbound tram after the collision and derailment.

Mal Rowe - sleuthing

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