Re: Melville Rd part 2
  Mal Rowe

On 10/09/2023 18:07, Mal Rowe wrote:
> Work on the second part of the tramway renewal in Melville Rd West Coburg started at5 9pm on Friday 8th.


Today marks 6 days since work began on the current project.

The tramway north of Moreland Rd is ready - paved to road height except at the crossover where work is close to complete.

The tramway south of Moreland Rd is getting its final topping off of bitumen.

Three pics attached:

* The new tramway looking south from Moreland Rd.
* Finishing off the crossover paving while the overhead crew work on
removing the old feeder cables from the poles. They are being
replaced with underground feeders.
* Part of the happy team who are obviously proud of their work.

Mal Rowe - back again some time in the next 4 days.

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MelvilleRd-south-from-MorelandRd 14Sep2023  |  1575W x 1050H  | 464.98 KB |  Photo details
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OH-wagon MelvilleRd 14Sep2023  |  1488W x 1050H  | 521.8 KB |  Photo details
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