Re: New (temporary) Box Hill tram terminus

Well seeing that, as I understand it, this project is on hold so maybe the
terminus will remain. If it is rebuilt, I would like it to be passenger
friendly unlike East Brunswick.

On Fri, 26 May 2023 at 09:21, Mal Rowe mal.rowe@...> wrote:

> Brian Weedon has alerted me to a new document outlining the design of

> the cut back tram terminus at Box Hill.


> The tramway will be cut back by about 100m to allow contruction of the

> new Box Hill station area as part of Melbourne's Suburban Rail Loop East.


> As I read it the final design of the terminus will be different again -

> with major re-alignment of Whitehorse Rd in the precinct.


> I have attached a general plan from the document - the full document can

> be downloaded from:


> There will be a greatly needed double track terminus with scissors

> crossover.


> Mal Rowe - grateful to Brian for his research


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