Re: Re: Bendigo update.
  Mal Rowe

On 26/05/2023 15:46, pn1 wrote:
> Thanks for the update Andrew. Most appreciated.


> What’s the general history of 3 since the SEC days?


> I wonder if anyone has got a list of all the Bendigo trans and their current status?

Bendigo tramways have a fleet list at:

There are also two summary sheets on line:

One covers 1903 to 1972 at:

The other covers the period after 1972 at:

None of these pages are up to date.

Mal Rowe attaching a couple of his snaps of the car

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3-26 EaglehawkRd 1969  |  1531W x 1000H  | 405.3 KB |  Photo details
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122 TramwayAve Dec2002  |  1457W x 1050H  | 411.81 KB |  Photo details