Re: Tram poles (TAN)

At that very location in August 2009, while letting the kids loose in the
playground opposite, I first saw the prototype Škoda 15T on test in the
wild. I rushed over to the playground fence and grabbed the attached photos
of 9200. I subsequently scored a private ride in that tram and now it now
longer exists, having been broken up after production started. If I could
have put it in my luggage to take back to Sydney to show them what a proper
tram ran like, I would have.

Tony P

On Friday, 26 May 2023 at 02:04:08 UTC+10 Mark Skinner wrote:

> Much of the historic tram polery in Prague has been replaced. However,

> here's an old couple still in service. Between Výtoň and Albertov. Note the

> (unfairly, imho) notorious BKV reinforced concrete track panels in the road.


> Mark Skinner


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