Re: North Sydney cable tram
  David Critchley

Hello Mick, 
After the North Sydney cable tramways closed, a number of the North Sydney trams were transferred to the King St line for further use.  Among thm were a number of former grip cars that were used as 'Summer Trailers' - essentially a King St dummy hauling a North Sydney dummy as a trailer.  I think there may be one very distant image of a 'summer' set in operation... that was until a couple of years back when I sourced the attached image!  
David Critchley

On Wednesday, 24 May 2023 at 08:48:23 pm AEST, Mick Duncan kitbuny@...> wrote:

Gday  Mal

Grip,Ive never seen a trailer with outward facing seats like a dummy

Cheers,    Mick

On 23/05/2023 12:38 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:
> The attached pic was recently posted to facebook.


> It's from the collection of the Stanton Library - run by North Sydney

> Council.


> The date is 22 May 1886 - apparently the opening day.


> I am wondering why there is just a grip car.  Was this the terminus

> and the trailer is out of the photo because of a shunting maneuver?


> Mal Rowe - not in possession of local knowledge


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