Re: Safety Slogan Trams (TAN)
  Mal Rowe

It looks like the Czech people have a sense of humour not a lot different to Aussies.

The Melbourne Metro ad of a few years back 'shares the vibe'.


The Public Transport safety message comes in late at around 2 minutes.

Mal Rowe - occasional risk taker

On 24/05/2023 02:42, Mark Skinner wrote:
> Melbourne has its Rhino on a skateboard AOA, with slogans, to advertise its safety message.


> Prague has done likewise,  and with a similar colour scheme.


> The slogans on the tram reflect the slightly different culture.


> They go:


> I don't want to be your last tram.

> Don't jump under my wheels

> Pedestrians 0: Trams 0 (in the format of a soccer scoreboard).

> Help me not to kill (you).


> The bodies are inscribed according to what the person was supposedly doing:


> A song unheard.

> A conversation unfinished.

> News unwritten.

> (The ones on the front tram are too indistinct).


> Mark Skinner

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