Re: Wien and Praha tram track construction
  Mark Skinner

In Prague itself, much of the track surface uses stone setts. I think (but
don't know) that it's part of the tourist image, just like the cobbled
footpaths, plus it's not nice for cars to drive on, so it also discourages
fast driving. So, digging that up is by hand out of necessity.

In Prague, for reasons I have never been able to fathom, special work is
usually done using timber sleepers. There must be a specific reason, as DP
Praha uses modern techniques and machinery elsewhere.

On Tue, 23 May 2023, 1:50 am David McLoughlin,>

> I was recently in Wien, Praha (and many other cities in Mitteleuropa). I

> encountered tram track reconstruction at junctions in both cities. Here are

> photos.


> In Wien, most tracks seem laid in a concrete base, but with removable

> concrete slabs set to street level. You can see that in photo 314, which is

> of the Route 33 terminus at Augasse. I took this photo on a Sunday, but the

> trams kept running despite the works, though an adjacent stop

> (Strassenbahn Haltestelle, I love that name) was moved to a temporary

> location.


> Photo 525 shows similar work on a junction in Praha, but trams were

> diverted around the section. It was interesting seeing a team of men

> digging out the old tracks by hand and shovel, not with a machine. Further

> along the road, the usual machinery and cranes were in use renewing the

> traction poles and overhead wires. I believe my photo is of works in

> Smetanovo Nabr at the junction with Narodni, by the Vitava River.


> These photos are taken with what my Danish friend Signe called my "boomer

> camera" which means they are much better resolution than photos on my phone

> camera. It is very hard to load more than one or two boomer-camera photos

> here (I had to laboriously reduce their size). I therefore plan to put an

> album of my boomer-camera pix on the Trams Down Under & Overseas Facebook

> group later.




> David McL, NZ.



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