Re: Re: Tram Recovery Vehicles (slightly TAN)
  Mark Skinner

Great pics.

The location of the image is where the night services converge. Just like
Charing Cross in Bendigo. Trams converge there late at night, then scatter,
leaving everything quiet till they all meet again. The stop marker on the
left is for the night service, as trams don't stop there during the day.

It's interesting, because there are a lot of trams, plus, the night routes
are somewhat different from day routes. Plus, the "passengers" may well be
homeless. Because of daylight saving and long days in Summer, it's
possible to take pics of the tram line up in daylight too.

Mark Skinner

On Mon, 22 May 2023, 10:29 pm David McLoughlin,>

> A few more Praha. I was impressed by the wide variety of trams in service,

> from T3s to brand new.




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