Re: Bendigo treasures
  Andrew Cook

Correct Paul, the person concerned was on property owned by Epsom Pottery. Bendigo tramways had moved certain tram bodies there from the North Bendigo Gasworks site. Hobart No. 20 was one of them. All he was doing was taking photos to send to me and got told by someone there to get off the property. Suppose that's fair enough, but as you say, taking photos open to the general public would be different.

Andrew Cook.

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Fascinating discussion.

I guess there’s more to the story about the enthusiast who was told to get far away. One would not expect such a hostile reaction if one was taking photos from an area that was open to the general public. And in any case, such a hostile reaction would be unacceptable in a public area. I certainly wouldn’t tolerate being spoken to in that manner.