Re: Bendigo treasures
  Matthew Geier

On 15/5/23 21:27, Mark Skinner wrote:

> Because it's such a widespread problem,  I'd hesitate to attribute

> malice or incompetence. Rather, imho, there's a few characteristics

> that keep cropping up. There's often a tram up for grabs, and if the

> local museum doesn't take it, it's lost for good. So, taking it and

> hoping that maybe it can be recovered later seems better than

> immediate destruction.

That's often the case - take the opportunity now, even though there is
no place to properly store the item and hope, or it's lost forever right
then and there.

Unfortunately all to often all it does is delay the inevitable - but
there was 'hope', at least for a while.

Now unfortunately due to social media and accelerated 'slagging fests'
that occur on such sites, some of these places are now 'gun shy' and try
to prevent people from taking pictures of their rotting hulks - because
they fear next week there will be a flurry of pictures and posts on some
social media site with extremely strong and some times, down right
offensive criticism of the organization holding said items.

I think it's getting near to the point said organizations simply will
not take any hulks found unless there is a guaranteed funding stream
upfront to restore/covered store it. They will let the item be lost
rather than take the 'blame' for destroying later by 'improper storage'.