Re: Long L1 closedown happening from Saturday.

I saw mention recently that the closure is due to demolition of Harbourside Centre. 

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Next weekend the entire L1 is closed for maintenance, while the Convention to Central section will be out of use till after the easter long weekend.

I rode it to Paddy’s Market today, there are new speed restrictions on the Jubilee Park viaduct, and there are more in the Glebe tunnel, which was once allowed 80kmh. The track in both directions, but the outbound in particular in the tunnel is rough and definitely needs lining and levelling.

With the long closedown on the inner end they could be planning a track relay along Hay St, I dunno, just speculating.

Passenger loading was good in both directions (this was around 11am) with standees inbound of Lilyfield, and the usual horde of turkeys-voting-for-xmas heading to the casino outbound, a crowd both alighting and boarding at the Fish Market, and a good load still aboard when I got off at Taverners Hill.

Rolling stock still a mix of CAF and Alstom, that seems to be normal now. I rode CAFs both ways today, 2117 in and 2115 out. Neither have AOA, which is a nice change from before the fractures parked them. Only one CAF has full AOA, a couple are partially covered, the rest have been spared so far.