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  Mal Rowe

On 29/03/2023 08:58, Matthew Geier wrote:
> Just depends how much they want to pay for 'local content'. Victoria and WA have been prepared to pay extra to keep the money in the local economy instead of shipping it off shore. Maybe NSW will now do the same.


It's more than a decision to keep money at home.

The decision to go for the E and G classes in Melbourne was based on hard learnt lessons about getting a tram that is 'fit for purpose'.

The Sydney Variotrams were fit for the line because the design was modified to suit the real track in Sydney - because local Australian expertise was applied.  They even survived 'that curve' - see attached pic.

Melbourne's imported 'off the shelf' C and D class trams have proved to be expensive errors - unsuitable for Melbourne conditions.  The D class are currently undergoing their second major rebuild to deal with design and manufacture faults.

Gold Coast imported Bombardiers, Canberra imported CAFs and Newcastle imported CAFs all seem to be OK because the track was designed to match their limitations.

The IWLR CAFs:  best thing to be said for them is that their failure helped Melbourne to say "No Thanks" for the G class tender.

Mal Rowe in a city that designs, builds and modifies trams

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