RE: Adelaide

My partner Robyn and I were in Adelaide two years ago to “do” the Adloop service that was operating for the off-topic activities as mentioned by Mal. The highlight of our visit was an end-to-end ride on the Adloop that included both curves at the King William Street/North Terrace intersection. Afterwards we paused for refreshment at an establishment “with trams passing by”. During my libations, I wondered if what it would have been like to have experienced traditional trams on the grand union junction that was a feature of the earlier (1909-1958) Adelaide tram system.

I recall our end-to-end ride started and finished at South Terrace. Most of the other passengers appeared unfamiliar with the trams but seemed to enjoy the experience. The “Adloop” service (when operating) is “highly recommended” and well worth a visit from Melbourne (or elsewhere).

Paul in Melbourne