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  Michael Giddey

Hi Mal. Sydney trams carried a set of insulated tongs for just such emergencies as well as jacks, a small crowbar and some basic re-railing plates. Crews were expected to be able to use common sense back then.

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In the early days of TDU - perhaps 20 years back - one of our correspondents outlined the standard procedures in Glasgow if a driver came across live trolleywire down.
I can't find the post, but (from memory) it went something like this:

"If driver sees a trolley wire down he should take the rubber gloves out of the box in the tram cab, grasp the trolleywire and touch it three times to the rails"

(Note the consideration of automatic re-close!)

The correspondent had the original document from an older relative and said that he could vouch for it being real. He also had a certificate of appreciation presented to the

Mal Rowe - AU

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