Re: Sydney Light Rail Outage: Overhead Wiring Issues Cause Commuter Chaos In Sydney

The train was A73 a Waratah. I saw a photo of A73 after it was Diesal
hauled to Central Platform 1 showing the country end ( what would have been
the front) had impact damage to the centre door windows on the cab. Of
course with farcebook I now cannot find the photo. If I can I will post it!

On Sunday, 12 March 2023 at 11:03:13 UTC+11 Matthew Geier wrote:


> On 12/3/23 10:58, TP wrote:

> > I notice that since that Panania incident they have been running no

> > Millenium trains, which are the type that normally operate on that line.

> >

> One of the train's roof hatches was torn off. I'm wondering of the hatch

> came open and caught a span wire initiating the destruction of the

> overhead. All similar trains will now be inspected to ensure it's not a

> widespread type issue.