Re: Sydney Light Rail Outage: Overhead Wiring Issues Cause Commuter Chaos In Sydney
  Matthew Geier

I've been sent a photo of the failed bit of overhead - not at liberty to repost so don't ask.

Looks like a piece of parafil or it's attachment gave way resulting in a dropper arm hanging below the contact wire in the Chinatown area.

Had the failure not been noticed it could have easily ripped a pantograph off making the incident much more complex.

After they started turning back cars at Central Chalmers, apparently one of the points at Central decided to die adding to their challenges.

Points failures are happening so often there is a 'points reliability enhancement' project underway. Seems the mechanisms are too easily clogged up with dirt and sand.

ThePananiaincident ripped off a pantograph AND a hatch cover. Not clear what order it happened, but they managed to pull down the catenary as well as the contact wire.

As passengers couldn't be trusted not to 'self evacuate' into a space that had potentially live wires in reach, the passengers had to wait over an hour in a train with no ventilation, non openable windows and closed doors, till overhead crews could 'safe isolate' the accident site.

It took them most of Saturday to repair the damage.

On 12/3/23 10:09, Greg Sutherland wrote:




> L2/L3 CBD and South East Lines between Central and Circular Quay closed for 5 hours 30!


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