Re: Sydney train commuters to get free transport day after rail network outage causes chaos | Sydney | The Guardian
  Matthew Geier

On 10/3/23 15:27, '' via TramsDownUnder wrote:
> But Anytrip, and the multitude of similar apps depend on this digital radio system for data.

They don't. They get the data from the train describers. That was working as it uses optical fiber networking from the signal boxes to the field interlockings. We could see exactly where our missing train was being held.

There are assumptions built into the 'live departures' for stations that lead to misleading information being generated.  But if you looked at the train run numbers in the likes of AnyTrip you could work out what was really happening. I'm sure the workstations used by the signalers had way more detail and they knew exactly where every thing was.