Re: Sydney train commuters to get free transport day after rail network outage causes chaos | Sydney | The Guardian
  Matthew Geier

On 10/3/23 15:13, TP wrote:
> Use Anytrip on your phone. You can exactly locate any tram, bus, train

> or ferry in Greater Sydney, all NSW trains and, progressively all bus

> services across NSW (dozens of towns already rolled out, more to

> come). Soon the average transport enthusiast won't need to get out of

> bed to track all public transport in the state.

It was returning accurate but useless information. Another enthusiast
waiting for the same train I was, reported that anytrip was saying the
train that was supposedly arriving in 12 minutes was actually held at
Jannali on it's down trip to Waterfall. (I assume he followed the run
number back through the system). However the PID on the platform and the
live departure in the apps was saying 12 minutes for the next 40 minutes
as it was assuming the train was waiting to depart Waterfall when it was
in fact stuck at Jannali on the down.

Accurate but useless.

That was the most frustrating part of this - we as enthusiasts could see
where all the stuck trains were. We could see the signals just as well
as the train drivers. If we could see the train locations on our apps on
our 'devices', Control certainly knew were all the trains were. The
interlockings were protecting all the trains, yet they were not allowed
to proceed because the control room couldn't call individual trains on
the voice network.

'safety' is being used as a cover for a gross overreaction.