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Yes, well that's been a creeping disease across all sectors of public

Tony P

On Friday, 10 March 2023 at 09:34:08 UTC+11 Tony Galloway wrote:

> The real reason the trains stopped is because all the worthless

> managerialists would have been exposed as utterly redundant bludging,

> overpaid leeches with the trains running normally, on signal indications,

> without their pointless, useless and obnoxious micromanagement.


> There was nothing wrong with the signals or safeworking, no risk to the

> public, just a risk to the jobs of deadshits in suits employed to make the

> working lives of real, actual, productive workers more miserable than they

> are already.


> Tony


> On 10 Mar 2023, at 04:37, Stuart Keenan stuart....@...> wrote:


> "... a failure in a piece of technology..."


> Yeah, technology is great - when it works....


> On Thu, Mar 9, 2023, 15:02 Tony Galloway a...@...> wrote:


>> So David Fat Controller Idiot thought “industrial sabotage” might have

>> been responsible - what an odious and despicable grub :






>> Sydney train commuters to get free transport day after rail network

>> outage causes chaosCybersecurity attack ruled out as rail shutdown puts

>> pressure on NSW government before state election

>> Natasha May

>> [image: Commuters waiting for light rail services after Town Hall station

>> was closed]

>> Commuters wait for light rail services after Sydney’s train network was

>> shut down. Those who turned to Uber will have surge pricing refunded. Photograph:

>> Dan Himbrechts/AAP


>> The New South Wales premier, Dominic Perrottet

>>, has

>> apologised for a peak-hour meltdown of the Sydney rail network less than

>> three weeks out from the state election.


>> The shutdown on Wednesday afternoon


>> left tens of thousands of passengers stranded, with Uber fares spiking

>> to hundreds of dollars in surge-price fees.


>> Amid a backlash on Thursday, Uber promised to reimburse customers who

>> were charged the surge prices.


>> Perrottet apologised for the system shutdown and said he had ordered a

>> fare-free day be instituted as a result. “These challenges occur from time

>> to time,” he said.


>> “What’s most important is when they happen they get fixed immediately.

>> I’ve been assured by the secretary of the Department of Transport

>> that this won’t

>> happen again.”


>> Immediately after the network shutdown the retiring transport minister,

>> David Elliott, said it was most likely the result of a “glitch” but also

>> suggested it may have been caused by “foreign interference or industrial

>> sabotage”.


>> -


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>> Those concerns were dismissed by transport chiefs on Thursday, who blamed

>> a fault in the network’s communications.


>> Transport for NSW said the network had been shut down for safety reasons

>> after the digital train radio system on the network failed about 2.45pm.

>> The system was back online within about an hour but delays ensued into the

>> peak period.


>> The head of Sydney Trains,

>> Matt Longland, said “based on the detailed review overnight” the delays had

>> been caused by a failure in a piece of technology and were not “related to

>> any suspected issue in terms of any cyber activity or any anything of that

>> nature”.


>> The failure came in the network’s emergency system, known as Frequentis,

>> which Longland said was managed by a third-party “technology partner”.


>> A backup system supposed to kick in in the event of a fault had not

>> worked, he said, something Sydney Trains was still investigating. Asked on

>> Thursday whether the system should be run in-house, he said the agency made

>> case-by-case decisions.


>> “The decision that we made at the time in 2016 was really about buying a

>> proven system that operates internationally,” he said.


>> “That’s the system that we’ve got. It has been operating very reliably

>> but certainly it’s a case-by-case basis in terms of technology.”


>> The shutdown – that followed months of chaos on the network last year,

>> stemming from an industrial dispute with the state rail union – was seized

>> on by the NSW Labor party, with the shadow transport minister, Jo Haylen,

>> saying the government had failed to manage the city’s rail network.

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>> “The lights were out across Sydney trains but they were also out in the

>> retiring transport minister’s office,” she said.


>> The Greens MP Sue Higginson encouraged those stuck in Sydney’s “train

>> chaos” to send their rideshare or taxi receipts to the premier, Dominic

>> Perrottet, and the NSW Liberals.


>> Elliott said the glitch could have occurred under any government. “The

>> comments made by the Greens and Labor MPs simply reinforce the point that

>> both are desperately trying to score political points from a highly

>> operational transport issue,” Elliott said.


>> “The fact is that this operational issue (glitch in router/modem) could

>> and would have occurred under any minister or government. Unless of course

>> the Greens and Labor parties know something we all don’t.”


>> Uber said it had not been alerted by Transport for NSW about the outage,

>> and people who were charged above the surge cap would be refunded within 48

>> hours.


>> “While in the past we have been alerted by Transport for NSW when there

>> were Sydney-wide transport issues, in this instance we had no warning that

>> there would be such a complete outage on the NSW trains network,” the

>> spokesperson said.


>> Uber said that as soon as it became aware of the situation, the company

>> had “immediately” lowered the surge and communicated with driver-partners

>> encouraging them to come online.

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