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> There may be some wishing that they had put wires up. The traction batteries are regularly saving them from dead APS rails.

Give ‘em time.

The cost difference between OHW and APS was considered to be 3X for construction, 50X for maintenance, and these predictions are looking pretty true.

Bordeaux has the original APS installation and they spent a lot on bus hire in the early years while the bugs were worked out.

Here’s a list of APS tramways from Wikipedia. All new builds, no long lived systems are bothering to install it on either existing or new routes :

Bordeaux with APS under construction in Place Paul Doumer, Bordeaux
Modern ground-level current collection was pioneered by the Bordeaux tramway in France. The public had assumed that the new system would use a traditional conduit system, like that of the Bordeaux trams which ran prior to 1958 and objected when they learned that it was not considered safe and that overhead wires were to be used instead. Facing complaints both from the public and the French Ministry of Culture, planners developed APS as a modern way of replicating the conduit system.[citation needed]
There are 12 km (7.5 mi) of APS tramway in the three-line network of 43.3 km (26.9 mi) as of 2008. Bordeaux Alstom Citadis trams use pantographs and electric overhead lines in outlying areas.[citation needed]
Before use in Bordeaux, APS was tested and proved viable on a short section of reserved-track in the French city of Marseille Nevertheless, Bordeaux has experienced problems, with APS being so temperamental that, at one stage, the Mayor issued an ultimatum that if reliability could not be guaranteed, it would have to be replaced with overhead wires.[citation needed]
Problems have included water-logging, when the water does not drain quickly enough after heavy rain.[citation needed]
Other cities : APS tracks on the CBD and South East Light Rail in
System City Country Opened Comments
Angers tramway Angers France 2011 [6][7]
Reims tramway Reims France 2011 [6]
Orléans tramway Orléans France 2012 [8]
Tours tramway Tours France 2013 [9]
Dubai Tram Dubai United Arab Emirates 2014 The system is fully equipped with APS over its entire passenger route length, and thus trams do not use their pantographs unless travelling within the depot area.[10]
VLT Carioca Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2016 The system mainly uses APS, however where this was deemed impractical, the trams employ Alstom's proprietary supercapacitor energy storage system.[11]
CBD and South East Light Rail Sydney Australia 2019 The system uses APS within the Sydney CBD and conventional overhead wires elsewhere.[12]
Cuenca tram Cuenca,_Ecuador Ecuador 2020 The system uses APS in certain regions only and conventional overhead wires elsewhere.[13]
Istanbul T5 tramway Istanbul Turkey 2021 [14]
Lusail Tram Lusail Qatar 2022 The system uses APS on the above ground sections, with around 19km of APS.[15]


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