Re: Nothing is new
  Matthew Geier

On 25/1/23 14:32, Greg Sutherland wrote:
> That photo must have been Photoshopped.


> Where are the obtrusive, ugly, visually and heritage streetscaping

> destroying overhead wires that all our current day experts keep

> rabbiting on about?


Last night I rode from QVB to the Quay - and took up position looking
over the drivers left side where I could see the mode controls and the
'DDU' screen.

At least 3 times down George Street the APS battery button started
flashing and the 'DDU' showed a battery icon briefly instead of a '3rd
rail shoe' icon.

There may be some wishing that they had put wires up. The traction
batteries are regularly saving them from dead APS rails.

I'm told there is also a blown segment actually at the Circular Quay
platforms, one at the Alfred Street cross over and one or two more on
the outbound track as well.