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That photo must have been Photoshopped.

Where are the obtrusive, ugly, visually and heritage streetscaping
destroying overhead wires that all our current day experts keep
rabbiting on about?


On 23/01/2023 3:20 pm, TP wrote:
> George Street, Sydney as a de facto trams-only pedestrian plaza in

> 1952 (Fairfax photo). It was like a flood washing across the street.

> Most of it passed across in front of and behind the tram. Those in

> line with the tram simply boarded it (and as far as I know didn't

> reappear out the other side). That's how it seemed. Nowadays the tram

> is more of an obstacle - the Great Wall of Tram.


> Jaywalking was a time-honoured tradition in Sydney and the very

> relaxed police seemed to have no interest in it. I was an enthusiastic

> participant in it as well. Imagine my surprise when I started living

> in Melbourne and found all these people dutifully lined up at traffic

> lights on streets that were so empty that you could fire a cannon down

> them. Was I in Germany I thought? Then one day somebody shouted at me

> for ignoring the light and setting sail across the empty street,

> confirming that I must indeed have been in Germany.


> In hindsight, I can see that Melbournians were in fact preparing

> themselves well for the days of total control over every aspect of our

> lives that we now live in. I'm too old now to have the necessary quick

> reflexes needed anyway.


> Tony P