Re: Light rail fails in the hour of need
  Matthew Geier

On 23/1/23 14:42, TP wrote:
> Yes, I forgot that there's a backup control centre for CSELR at Moore

> Park. I don't know exactly where it is. If it is underground, no doubt

> it was flooded on that night.


Yep, they do have an underground bunker at Moore Park. The lift on the
eastern side has a level -1 and there are set of stairs heading down
underground next to it. It's the backup control room - the main control
room is at Randwick depot.

I assume the 'bunker' has another exit at the other end into that
normally locked up underpass.

There was an interruption to the CESELR once when some one set the fire
alarms off at Randwick and they all exited the building, including the
control room. Only to find that some one had not done the correct
'transfer control' procedure when exiting Randwick and they couldn't get
the bunker to come online and the firies were not going to let any one
back into Randwick till they gave the all clear.