Re: Re: [LRPPro] Snail rail: why are trams in Australian cities running slower than they were 100 years ago?

Just comparing some timetables:
*1958 tram, CQ to Kingsford:             28 minutes*current 396 bus, CQ to Kingsford:     30+ minutes depending on time of day*LR, CQ to Kingsford:                         31 minutes (on a slightly longer distance)

*prev 394 bus, Railway to Kingsford: 22+ minutes depending on time of day (up to 32 in peaks)*LR, Haymarket to Kingsford:             20 minutes
Brian, living along the L3.

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The difference that a line speed of 20 km/h vs 30 km/h in that environment makes is piddling, though of course 30 km/h would free things up a little. It's far more those other issues that cumulatively slow everything down.
Tony P

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It's not surprising that the L2/L3 are slow given almost the entire length of George Street is now pedestrianised and subject to a 20km/hr speed limit. The southern Brickfield Hill section used to be 40km/hr until the city council pedestrianised that too - so another km of the track got snail's pace speed limited.TonyP will mention the acceleration of his favourite European system as an example that top speed doesn't matter. Still, we are limited here too - all stops on all 3 lines are 20kmn approach and departure limited. No flying in under hard braking and taking off at maximum power.
And then there is the traffic light priority or lack thereof. It's gotten a bit better since the L2 opened, but it looks like they have to fight for every intersection. with the traffic planners still prioritizing the number of vehicles through the intersections not the number of people. So our big monster coupled sets count as ONE vehicle in their throughput calculations it seems.Even down AZAC Pde watch the traffic lights - the shared bus/tram corridor - the bus light goes green but the tram light stays red - the tram light doesn't clear until it sees the beacon from the approaching tram - so the trams slow approaching all the intersections to incase the lights don't clear before they reach them - even though they can see the bus light IS clear.

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Very interesting article.
Thanks for sharing Greg.

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