Re: Latest French tramway innovation (OT)
  Tony Galloway

Hmm, maybe.

Last time I bought a sausage roll it was from the now defunct Harry’s Cafe-de-Wheels stall at the Capitol Square tram stop.

While eating it I suspected it hadn’t been warmed properly, but thought little of it at the time.

My mistake became apparent later when I spent the night hoiking my guts up while feeling very seedy.

So as long as the SR concerned isn’t a salmonella delivery system that “bombs” the belly, but then ya can’t eat AOA so that one is safe enough.


> On 22 Jan 2023, at 20:56, Mal Rowe mal.rowe@...> wrote:


> On 22/01/2023 18:06, Tony Galloway wrote:

>> Anyone seen a Citadis with sausages?


> Will a Bombardier with a sausage roll do?


> Mal Rowe - being less than serious


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