Re: Re: Broad
  Matthew Geier

On 24/11/22 09:24, David McLoughlin wrote:
> Not good news for future tram extensions if Broad stays in that post,

> is it?


After the mess they made with the current and prior projects, I don't
think any extensions are on the cards unless some developer mates lean
on them for height and density waivers and push the 'traffic problems of
the extra apartments will be mitigated by a light rail service argument'.

Certainly most existing residents of suburbs that could be in reach of
extensions will probably vigorously appose any extensions.

We are now seeing anti-development independents wining seats in elections.

Personally I think the coming of the battery electric bus has all but
killed off the prospects for LR extensions. Rail has lost the 'cleaner'
argument. LR only has higher capacity advantage now. But that comes with
turning your suburb into a high rise slum to make it pay. People don't
like their suburbs being trashed that way.