Re: Royal Park at Park
  Mal Rowe

On 24/11/2022 00:23, Steven Altham wrote:
> I just noticed picture of 6059 crossing park st has a E1 front maybe

> they ran out of E2 cabs????


Whenever a cab is damaged, they just replace it with whatever is
available.  They are a bolt on and plug in module.


I think that damaged cabs are re-furbished at Dandenong and returned as

It has been pointed out to me that the E1 / E2 distinction is something
that comes from the enthusiast community.

Yarra make no distinction between various E class.

With cabs being mixed and matched and the extra stanchions fitted to all
Es there is no practical difference between the first and second 50 trams.

Mal Rowe - happy to be corrected.