Re: Re: Ian Brady Funeral - and a special photo
  Mal Rowe

On 20/11/2022 18:20, Michael Lewis wrote:
> I have been fascinated over the years, as you scanned and exhibited

> for the joy and education of all, the pictures of Noel Reed and Ian

> Brady.


> Do you have any more?

There are a few more, but they are of lower quality.  At some stage Ian
seems to have adopted a device that allowed two pics to be made on one
neg - but it also moved the film out of the true focal plane, so the
quality is not up to his usual standard.

Ian's pics can be found by searching the TDU archive at - but you probably have already downloaded most or
all of these.


> I wonder what unscanned or un-released pictures, STM or the Sydney,

> NSW State Library, and others, possess.


State Library of Victoria is always worth a search - they allow high
quality downloads.

Warren Doubleday of COTMA / Ballarat Tramway Museum / Melbourne Tram
Museum is very conscientious in sending photos back to archives in their
home state.

I'm currently scanning 100s of pictures from the Peter Duckett
collection but have not got to the Sydney pics yet.

Mal Rowe - picture collector