Re: Ian Brady Funeral - and a special photo
  Michael Lewis

Sad to hear that the original AETA/STM stalwarts are passing away. I was a
boy (with a 9-year older brother - still hale and hearty at 87), in the
early-mid 1950s when the Sydney tours and closures were all happening -
participating in most.
I have been fascinated over the years, as you scanned and exhibited for the
joy and education of all, the pictures of Noel Reed and Ian Brady.

Do you have any more?

I wonder what unscanned or un-released pictures, STM or the Sydney, NSW
State Library, and others, possess.
I like reading the posts and comments in TDU but I crave the showing of a
Sydney trams picture which I haven't yet seen.
From time to time a picture appears on Facebook, on a non-tram site, with
un-noted, interest to tram fans. I "squirrel away" such pictures for "safe
keeping" and often re-post.

I recently prepared an illustrated, unpublishable, history of Sydney trams
for U3A - East, in which I was able to display large numbers of my scanned
and "squirrelled" photo collection. It was fascinating to the other 75+
years, attendees. I got through half of my material and will catch up next

My collection sits in multiple copies over my various computers and
external discs. If I cease to be mortal, the collection is easily
transferable. After going through many generations of operating systems and
methods of storage, I believe that the current formats, while stored in
different media, are here to stay, not like my super 8, or VHS or even DVD
My latest medium is a Samsung M7 1T solid state storage device, which plugs
into USB C or USB sockets.

The entire process would be much easier if all sources of images, were
easily searchable and downloadable for small scale. non-commercial purposes
Some libraries appear to have effectively "sold out" their publicly owned
collection to private firms who charge by the image. Others like the NSW
Public Library make it very difficult to find any picture and others
related to it. It was much easier - but with less content - to find
pictures, 20 years ago.

Summary: Please follow Noel and Ian with help from Mal or others, and scan
and publish your pictures.


On Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 2:38:00 PM UTC+11 Mal Rowe wrote:

> Terry Boardman has sent a message regarding the funeral arrangements for

> Ian Brady - see below.


> Some years back, Ian passed over to me a large number of photographs and

> negatives.

> Ian had a very good camera - and a good eye for an image.


> He had only ever seen most of his photos as contact prints and we were

> both delighted with how they came up when scanned.


> The attached photo was probably our favourite - one that we agreed should

> be kept for a special occasion.


> This is sadly that occasion.

> Consider the image a final gift from Ian.

> The view is from the ramp leading up to the railway station at Chatswood

> in the early hours of the morning on 29 June 1958 - the final day of tram

> operations in North Sydney .


> Mal Rowe - grateful.



> Good Evening Friends

> Please see the attachment of funeral details for Ian Alexander Brady

> This was in this morning's (19/11/22) Sydney Morning Herald

> Please pass the information on to those who may not see the SMH

> There may be older ARHS members, including some who visit the RRC, who I

> have not been able to contact

> PS Please forgive if you receive this email more than once - I had

> technical problems and lost drafts a couple of times

> Regards

> *Terry*

> Terry Boardman