Re: Anzac Station
  Mal Rowe

On 19/11/2022 11:11, Mark Skinner wrote:
> Just an idle question. Were BKV panels ever considered for temporary

> works such as St K road diversions?


Probably not as temporary track is pretty rare.

Melbourne likes to do it quickly and get it over with, but that is not
possible with the extent of the Anzac Station work.

My guess is that the cost was included in the Metro Tunnel budget, so
there is no incentive for Yarra to economise.

The temporary track has been in place for over four and a half years -

The other factor is that the work included new junctions at both Park St
and Toorak Rd.

Both have triple tracks for separating 58 trams from other St Kilda Rd

Once you start laying all that it probably makes more sense to use the
familiar track laying techniques.

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