Re: Derailed fixed truck artics.
  Michael Giddey

Vatiotram 2106 was written off not by its derailment but by the botched recovery operations which bent the frame.

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Using two cranes without experienced controllers and handling equipment
would simply break the back of the car being lifted and you still have
the problem of the articulated connection with the second module of the

Large side loading container fork lifts would tear up and totally
destroy the road surface, especially with the amount of turning required
to position the forklift and the relocation of the lifted tram component
by the forklift. These forklifts operate over special high strength
asphaltic concrete and not your common road surfaces. They are confined
to restricted areas and not readily moved from the maritime port locations.

One also has to consider that many of these type of derailments often
occur in locations where access is limited thus limiting the
availability of heavy equipment.


who in a previous life was Terminal Manager for a major international
container terminal

On 19/09/2022 6:34 pm, Dudley Horscroft wrote:
> I think I have now caught up with the emails regarding re-railing

> fixed truck artics. No doubt someone managed to do the job, else

> there would have been more emails about it. However, I can only think

> that the best way to do the job would be what you do with toy trains,

> pick it up and put it back on the tracks.


> Two cranes, one for each half or just a large side loading fork lift,

> as used to load containers on some ships.


> Obviously in the past, derailments have not been too bad a problem,

> but might it be that with cement lorries and fire trucks rampant on

> the roads, stronger measures are needed?


> regards


> dudley


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